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 一位长期在中国居住的瑞典金发女郎表示,我认为中国男人要比西方男人更女性化一点,也就是不够MAN。西方女孩比大多数中国的男人都高,而且块头往往比中国男人还大,也就是所谓的“大骨架”。但凡女孩就不会希望自己比她的男人还“高壮”,而男人们也不会喜欢被自己的女人衬得瘦小。许多西方女性都相当独立,在家庭中往往与丈夫共同分担家务。而在许多中国城市中,女人们要独自承担起所有的家务活儿(即使她还做着一份全职工作),还要做晚饭,等等等等。她们的男人是不会帮她的,只有上海的男人不这样。上海的男人真是理家的一把好手啊 !对于试图融入截然不同的中国社会的西方女性来讲,做到这一点实在是太难了。我知道至少我就做不到。


 It's not surprising that innovation is one of the key areas of the two sessions. Among the goals outlined in this year's Government Work Report to the National People's Congress were to boost the sharing economy and encourage Chinese students abroad to return home to pursue business and other innovative ventures.

 President Xi Jinping said on Sunday he is ready to join Russian President Vladimir Putin in consolidating political and strategic mutual trust and expanding all-around pragmatic cooperation.

 Pakistan is among 26 founding countries of the Boao Forum for Asia, established in 2001. The name Boao comes from a small town of fishermen in Hainan Province in southern China. The Boao Forum has been regularly held in March or April every year since 2002. It is a forum for discussing issues and problems, as well as an exchange of ideas among Asian countries. Usually heads of state, ministers, senior officials, scientists, economists, social activists, politicians and media personnel attend this forum. It is a non-profit organization and was initially only open to Asia-Pacific countries. Today membership has grown from 26 in 2001 to 80, itself a major achievement

 "This incredible spacecraft is going to reveal so much about our star and how it works that we've not been able to understand," project scientist Nicola Fox said in a NASA statement.





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